WOCA Maintenance box

WOCA Maintenance box

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Cleaning and Maintenance Box with Oil Care


for the care of white or natural oiled wooden floors

The Cleaning and Maintenance Box with Oil Care is a starter package

that includes everything you need to cleCan and maintain oiled white

or natural-colored wood floors. The Box includes a nourishing oil,

a wood floor soap and an intensive cleaner. It also contains a range

of accessories, which ensures an optimal use of the products.


The Cleaning and Maintenance Box with Oil Care is available in the colors

Natural (for natural oiled floors) and

White (for white oiled floors).


Wood Floor Soap (1 liter) in the shades Natural or White
Intensive Cleaner (1 liter)
Body Oil (1 liter) in the shades Natural or White

Spray head to apply the Maintenance Oil (1 piece)
Useful cloth (1 piece)
Polishing pad with handle (1 piece)
Care instructions for oiled wooden floors (1 piece)


How to do...

1. First of all, clean the floor with the intensive cleaner that is part of the box.

Try to remove all discolorations and dirt. Afterwards, you can use the core product

of the box – the Oil Care. Polish the oil carefully into the wood's surface.

The oil is literally soaked up by the wood and makes the surface more resistant.

Furthermore, the oil enhances the wood's natural color and it's grain.

2. For regular cleaning, the wood floor soap is recommended.

The wood floor soap is also a part of this box.

The soap cleans the floor gently and forms an protective layer on it.

For further information regarding the application of the individual products,

the box contains a few instructions. Detailed application instructions are also found

on the back of each package.