Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Environmentally friendly bamboo flooring is made from rapidly renewable strand woven bamboo.
Naturally self generating, bamboo grows to maturity within five years and is regarded as the strongest wood plant on earth. Bamboo solid flooring is incredible durable and even stronger than most hardwoods. Bamboo is pre-finished with six UV coatings, requires no further sanding or finishing and comes in two naturally occurring colours and a new stained range (see below). Installation is quick and simple.
Tough and durable
Strand Woven Bamboo has a Janka hardness rating of 14.8 kN for Natural and 15.3 kN for Coffee, almost twice the  average hardwood.
To satisfy the market requirement stained bamboo was introduced to the customers, there are options of red, walnut, black and white staines, some also have distressed look, which means that the finish is not smooth but has factory made imperfections to give it a rustic look. 
We offer a wide range fromm 2 different range type with different sizes.
Verdura range comes in 1850x135x14mm size boards
Stonewood comes in 1850x125x14mm size boards
Colours in bamboo flooring:


   Sandy                           Lime grey                              Rustic super matt             Red Mahagony