Vintage Planks

A fine and broad choice of vintage wide  long planks. An endless combination of sizes and colours will add a distinctive rustic feel to any style of interior. 

Vintage wide planks - is engineered flooring with imperfection and hand scrapped and wire brushed top surface to enhance the rustic look. The boards are 21 mm thick with 5-6 mm Oak veneer and different width - 180/220/260/320 mm. The boards can be pre-finished in the factory or on site. 

New technique through burning of the top layer/ veneer Oak of the engineered boards, we achieve very hard black and textured surface, which creates unique look of vintage floors Forno Naturale Oak  220 mm wide boards 2200 mm long

Vintage/ Antique oak raw with random length 320mm wide boards with 21/6mm thickness.