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Berger-Seidle Products

“…wood floors deserve the best!” is the guiding principle of our philosophy. This not only refers to the product quality, but also to the product variety. Our brands are in Germany and worldwide famous for quality and reliability – and this since decades. For example, “classic brands” as well as the very latest innovation brands are part of the product range.


All certifications

Also unique is the range of product certifications. Berger-Seidle has the right certification for almost all wishes and requirements – confirmed externally and independently by institutes and laboratories. They range from the Blue Angel, Emicode EC1 or slip resistance to sweat fastness, saliva fastness or children’s toy suitability. Our goal: maximum safety for our health and product performance!

Water-based parquet finishing options on highest possible level!

The present and the future in the surface treatment of parquet and wooden floor is based on water. Water-based finishes of the latest generation impress with their outstanding performance and diversity. No matter what focus installers or house owners have, whether high-traffic or simple living area, whether one- or two-component, whether primer or finish, whether filler or problem solver, up to the fast construction site: water-based solutions by Berger-Seidle offer all options.

The AquaSeal brand stands for premium water-based finishing for generations – and this all over the world through all climate zones. This includes all categories of water-based finishes and offers additional extras. Outstanding here are not only quality, health protection and product safety, but also the variety of product options and their tested combinability from one source.

The highly specialized AquaSeal technology represents the globally top level and an awarded innovation leadership, with products such as the world’s first two-component water-based finish, completely without isocyanate or aziridine. AquaSeal bundles thus health protection, ecology, economics, user friendliness and reliable premium performance. A mature combination of permanent innovation and proven reliability, which are also impressively reflected in the numerous certificates.

Aquaseal Pafuki is a water-based, solvent-free filler solution for the preparation of wood-filler or putty; good filling property. The wood color shade is achieved by admixing the respective wood flour.

 AquaSeal FlexPrimer is a 1-component, water-based primer reducing sidebonding, for application beneath our AquaSeal finishes. AquaSeal FlexPrimer features a medium grain enhancement and a neutral color look. It can be applied on all floors sanded down to the wood base. AquaSeal ExoBloc is the right choice for all exotic wood species.

AquaSeal 2KPU is a 2-component, waterborne, premium-class finishing product for hardwood-floors. It is based on polyurethane and offers outstanding resistance and an universal highend applicability. Available are 5 gloss levels from glossy to naturalwhite, which features an extremely matt surface and therewith an almost invisible finishing result. Based on its special properties and elasticity, the product is approved for cork floors and also achieves outstanding chemical resistance. In addition to this product, we offer a specialized and harmonized field marking paint. New feature: Full use after 24 hours possible!

AquaSeal CeramicStar is a 2-component, waterborne, premium-class finishing product for hardwood-floors. It is based on polyurethane and offers outstanding resistance, an universal high-end applicability and a lower level of viscosity. The product is very easy-to-use and offers an extremely strong level of robustness, supported by its ceramic components. It is the ideal product for the fast installation job, as the finished floor can be used after just 24 hours. Also especially for the renovation of older floors, the product is the perfect solution. It achieves top-level results by shielding old substances inside the wood, such as salt from winter times, and so it maximizes the level of safety.

AquaSeal ExoBloc   is a 1-component, water-based primer with strong grain enhancement properties and excellent adhesion on many floors. Thanks to its high blocking effect against a variety of wood ingredients it makes sense to use this product on most exotic woods.

Beautiful floors of lasting value with the perfectly matched maintenance system.

A finished hardwood floor is beautiful and a great individual masterpiece of installers’ work.

To keep this beauty and brilliance even during everyday cleaning, maintenance and care, the right and perfectly matched care system is essential. Unknown third-party products are not matched, often ineffective or too aggressive – both harming the great surface of the floor.

Therefore, the perfectly matched, proven and tested maintenance and care products are needed and important – to chemically, physically and technically keep the floor’s beauty for a very long time.

Berger-Seidle’s maintenance and care products meet the highest demands in quality, comfort, ecology and beauty of the floor. They are exactly matched and tested with the whole program of finishing products, offering a solution for every case of finish and preference. Special products, for instance such as antistatic or sport versions, offer additional worlds of individually visual and functional floor maintenance.

Universal usage and high quality raw materials lead to an outstanding performance – being popular and well-proven since decades.

Brilliance SprayMop ComfortClean is the ideal tool for the everyday cleaning of your premium hardwood-floor and other smooth surfaces. By its tank and spraying head, it offers now a very comfortable and also careful cleaning process without a frequent need to bend down. The high-quality manufactured mop and packaging offers in a set the Brilliance SprayMop ComfortClean including the tank and spraying equipment, the first cleaning pad and the first bottle of the mild ready-to-use cleaning product Brilliance NeutralCleaner.

Brilliance NeutralCleaner is a concentrated cleaning product which makes the dirt removal easier. Can be used on oiled, oiled/waxed and finished floors. The usage especially in combination with the Brilliance SprayMop ComfortClean as well as separately at mixing ratio 1:100 with water is recommended.

Brilliance BioSoap is a wood-floor soap for wet cleaning and maintenance of oiled and oiled/waxed parquet and wooden floors. The product is based on natural and sustainable raw materials. The version „white“ leads to a beautiful “Scandinavian soap surface”.