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Is your timber flooring or decking too dark or the colour undesirable? Are there too many species mixed in your floor or the old not matching the new? If the situation requires changing the colour of the wood, then LiteniT is the solution you are looking for!

This unique 2 part technology is easy and very effective. LiteniT can bleach any dark timber, or change that unwanted colour. Suitable for interior and exterior, you don't have to be an expert to do it either. However, if you are not confident enough, we're here for you!

You can order yours via our online store, or call us if you have any more questions.

LiteniT Wood bleach

Bleaching wood is easy with LiteniT 2 part wood bleaching system, designed & made in Australia. Due to the patented part A activator, there are no VOCs, therefore, it is very safe to use with impressive results. LiteniT will bleach any wood for any purpose.


LiteniT Wood Bleaching System is a safe, VOC free, 2- component liquid wood bleach system that will remove the natural colour from any raw wood. LiteniT’s component “A” is a colourless, odourless aqueous solution, which extracts tannin from timber. Component “B” is a hydrogen peroxide, which then bleaches the extracted tannin. The only vapour present from the chemical reaction between the two is concentrated oxygen. The wood you are planning to bleach needs to be raw timber, clean, dry and free from coatings, sealers, oils & waxes.

WARNING: DO NOT MIX PART A & PART B TOGETHER IN THE SAME CONTAINER. The reaction will cause the mixture to foam up and overflow. If you are using the same mop & bucket for both parts, rinse thoroughly with water before and after Part (B).


Part A:

  • Use a brush for small areas like furniture, benchtops or stairs
  • For larger areas like floors and decks - cut in with a brush and use a string mop and a bucket, as if you were washing the floor
  • Don’t miss any spots and wipe off any areas that have pooled with product
  • You will notice rather quickly, as the tannin is drawn out, see fig. A (the colour change can be quite dramatic depending on the species of wood)
  • You don’t need to wait until the surface is dry before applying Part (B) - with some larger projects, some areas will start to dry, while others are still damp. This is fine, the more important thing is the wet sheen is gone, otherwise, it is more difficult to see where you are going with Part (B), as both parts are clear.

Part B:

  • Apply Part (B) in the same manner as Part (A)
  • When using a string mop and bucket, only dip the first 10 centimetres of the mop into the Part (B), as there is a chemical reaction between the 2 parts and too much Part (B) through the mop will cause it to heat up and destroy it
  • Be careful with Part (B), as it is a strong grade hydrogen peroxide, which is an oxidizing agent and will burn your skin, so protect yourself with chemical gloves and eye protection
  • Application of Part (B) starts to bleach the extracted tannin and wood fibres almost immediately
  • You may notice some fizzing & foaming from the reaction and the colour changing rather quickly, see fig. B
  • Now we wait until the wood is dry, usually overnight is required
  • Once the wood is dry, you can see the level of bleaching achieved from that application. Some species of wood may require a repeat of the process, if they are really hard and dense or notably high in tannin, like Merbau.


  • Cleaning is a very important step in the process
  • We need to remove all product residue from the bleaching process, as no coatings or finishes will stick to the surface without cleaning
  • Use fresh water and a small amount of LiteniT Wood Cleaner (or detergent) and clean with a fresh mop and a bucket
  • For floors, you can also use a garden sprayer and a buffing machine with a green pad to work it in, then a string mop and a bucket to pick up the residue.
  • For Decks, use a stiff broom and the water hose. Smaller applications may be done with absorbent cloths
  • If once you clean the surface and notice some missed spots, just apply more Part(B) with a brush, leave for 60-90 mins, then clean off and allow to dry
  • Once the wood is dry from cleaning, it may be finished with any wood washes, stains, waxes, oils and coatings