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Polyurethane Specialists since 1979

The company that manufactures coatings and associated products (thinners, cleaning solvent. stains & additive) suitable for all species of timber, parquetry, cork and concrete. 

Over the last 35 years, Urethane Coatings have dramatically expanded their range of coatings. A culture of strict quality control, coupled with state of the art manufacturing, has resulted in products that will meet and indeed, exceed your expectations.

The NON HAZARDOUS Choice -a Waterborne coating designed for optimum efficiency specifically for the AUSTRALIAN MARKET

  • Longer UV resistance (designed to last longer in
    natural light)
  • Improved levelling and flow.
  • Extended open time – more time to apply and level
  • Excellent Sanding
  • Reduced stop and lap marks
  • Advanced SEALER technology to control tannin
    bleed, remaining workable at the same time
  • Excellent Hardness
  • Excellent Wearability
    Excellent resistance to yellowing
  • Efficient and easy mixing with Hardener


Single pack moisture cure polyurethane sets the industry standard of 45% solids, providing extremely good flow and leveling properties.

A polyurethane coating is a hard-wearing, highly-resistant coating, it provides durability, resistance to chemicals, water, abrasion, and temperature, as well as an attractive glossy finish.

  • Weather resistance and UV stability: Polyurethane can withstand harsh environments, from underground to offshore, as well as being stable when exposed UV radiation and having thermal stability across a range of temperatures.
  • Water and chemical resistance: Resistance to water, steam, moisture, and most chemicals means that polyurethane is a waterproof barrier, preventing corrosion of the substrate.
  • Extreme durability: When cured, polyurethane forms a hard, durable surface which provides protection from mechanical abrasion, stains and scratches.
  • Attractive finish: Whether high gloss, semi gloss, or matt, polyurethane coatings provide a flawless finish which resists colour fade.
  • Quick drying and easy to apply: Monothane coating is fast curing, meaning less downtime and associated losses