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Parquetry has been used as a hard wearing, stunning floor covering for centuries and it's still very popular. Parquetry is a geometric mosaic of contrasting timber pieces used for great decorative effect. Adding a border to an entrance adds a nice feature. Parquetry is supplied in two different styles: mosaic and block parquetry.
Mosaic is the more traditional style of parquetry. It is created by arranging small "fingers" of selected timber in tiles, then changing the direction of these rows at consistent intervals. The result is a beautiful floor which is a feature in your home, not just a floor covering.
Block parquetry can be laid in any pattern using contrasting coloured timbers to create depth in the design. Blocks of timber are manufactured in 14mm and 19mm thickness and are laid individually to create the pattern of your choice. There are many popular patterns that can be laid in block parquetry, or you can run wild with your imagination and design your own floor pattern or feature block.
Features and Benefits of Parquetry Flooring:
  • The natural insulation properties of timber lock out winter's cold and summer's heat
  • Parquetry is an extremely durable floor covering
  • Parquetry is the perfect solution for heavy traffic areas such as halls, steps, entrance ways and commercial interiors
  • As with all solid hardwood timber floors, Parquetry is not recommended for bathrooms, laundries or for laying over heated sub-floors
  • Should a small section be seriously damaged, it can be replaced easily, and after years of wear the entire floor can be restored to as new condition by sanding and resealing
  • Parquetry is designed to be glued down over a solid, flat sub-floor.
  • It can be installed over concrete, over a plywood or particleboard sub-floor or over old timber floors.
  • Parquetry will be affected by changes in the moisture content of the atmosphere, there for Parquetry has to be acclimatised to its new environment for an appropriate time.
  • After professional installation, parquetry has to be sanded and finished.
  • Parquetry is available in different species (see in our showroom) and different grades: select/natural

  • Visit our gallery to see parquetry done by us.