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We offer our customers the installation of:                   
  • solid timber floor
  • floating floor 
  • laminate floating floor     
Solid timber floor is designed to be laid directly onto joists, battens over concrete, or even nailed to old timber flooring. To install solid timber floor in units, we need to lay the solid timber floor over 5mm acoustic mating and minimum 15mm thick plywood. Solid timber floor tongue and groove (19mm thick) is designed to be nailed down. Board widths up to 80mm can be secret-nailed into the tongue, while wider boards up to 130mm are top-nailed. As any solid timber, product will be effected by changes in the moisture content of the air, we recommend that the solid timber floor is acclimatised to its new environment for an appropriate amount of time, approx 2 weeks.
There are products on the market like pre-finished or raw overlay solid timber flooring, tongue and groove 12-15 mm thick, which can be directly glued over a concrete slab (concrete has to be in level prior to laying), over old timber floors, particleboard or plywood sub-flooring. Firstly, a moisture barrier needs to be applied. To keep a proper sound insulation, the flooring can be glued after applying the moisture barrier to a 5 mm acoustic mating. 
Timber or laminate floating floor can be laid over any sound, dry and flat sub-floor (concrete, tiles, linoleum and old floor boards). A 2 mm foam underlay is required to be installed in regulations with Australian standards, to reduce foot noise and sound in multi storey buildings.  Floating floor with click system doesn't require any glue, compared with tongue and groove floating floor, which has to be glued.
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