Species Available

American Oak is highly prized all over the world for its fantastic grain, stability and character.

Tasmanian Oak has an excellent dimensional stability, making it ideal for over radiant heat. Colour ranges from pale cream to pink.

Australian Beech is renoun for its strength and versatilityof application. Its colouring ranges from cream to pale brown

Blue Gum is grown in the coastal districts from Batemans Bay to southern Qld. Its colour varies from a dark pink to re-brown

Sydney Blue Gum named for its attractive blue grey bark, its colouring ranges from soft brown reds to deep rich reds

Spotted Gum is a very tough timber that grows on Australias East coast. Its colour varies through pale grey browns and soft creams to a rich chocolate brown

Brushbox has a fine and even texture with a beautiful, rich colour. it can vary from a pale pinkish grey to a rich reddish brown

Blackbutt is a commonly grown hardwood with a straight grain and even texture. Its colour ranges from cream to pale brown, soetimes with a slight tinge of pink

Cypress pine has alot of colour variation from pale yellow browns through to dark brown, almost black.

Grey Box is a very tough timber. Its colour varies from a pale yellowish brown to mid brown.

Grey Iron Bark the colour varies considerably from pale brown to dark chocolate brown and dark red

Kempas is a very popular floorboard from Asia. Its colour is generally light red to reddish brown

Messmate is rich in detail with an even texture and visable growth rings. Colour varies from pale browns through to light yellows with subtle hints of peach

Tallowood is a prestigious timber with an even and often interlocked grain. It varies in colour from yellowish brown with a tinge of olive green

Merbau is a popular hardwood from South East Asia. Its colours varies from a pale to dark reddish brown

Jarrah is well known for its density and resistance to insect attack. Its incredibily hard and as such is heavily used for commercial and residential flooring. Its a beautiful rich red colour which deepens over time into a soft burgundy

Bamboo is native to china and is an incredibily hard wearing material with excellent resistance to moisture, insects and allergens. Bamboo flooring exibits subtle colour variations ranging from a warm caramel to a lighter natural blonde

Also see in our showroom our various Oaks, such as White Oak, Oak Wenge, Smoked Oak and Oak Ashen.

Species Hardness (Janka) Rating
The Janka rating measures the hardness of the timber. The higher the number, the harder the timber.
*These tibers are blends of several species. The Janka rating is the average rating for the species used in that blend. 
Alpine Ash
Tasmanian Oak*
Rose Gum
Australian Beech*
Sydney Blue Gum
Forest Reds*
Spotted Gum
Red Mahogany