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5 Benefits of Using Hardwax Timber Oil


Hardwax oils are a relatively newer addition to the wooden floor finishing market. And it is only natural that people want to know more about it. Is hard wax oil durable? Does it allow spot repair? Is it better than other available options? If you are looking for a perfect finish to your timber flooring and are trying to find out more about hard wax oil, this post is for you. Here we explain what hardwax timber oil is and some of the benefits of using hard wax timber oil for your wooden floor.

What is Hardwax Timber Oil?

Hard wax oil is an oil-based finish combined with a small amount of wax. As a result, you get the advantages of both oil and wax. Hard wax oil penetrates deep into the wood's pores and protects the surface while enhancing its natural colour. Several other benefits are associated with the use of hard wax oil for your, highlighted in the next section.

Hard wax timber oil is often the best choice for homeowners who natural wood finish and protect the surface.

Benefits of Hard wax Timber Oil

Let's look at the five benefits of Using Hard wax Timber Oil for Your Wooden Floor:

1.      Provides Deeper Protection

Hardwax timber oil is not just a surface coating. While it provides protection on the surface, it penetrates deep into the wood's pores and combines with the wood fibre to enhance the look and feel of your flooring. Moreover, as the oil penetrates more in-depth, the wax content in hard wax oil prevents the oils from going too deep in the wood. As a result, this combination of oil and wax protects both the surface and the grain. At the same time, it reduces the risk of stains and accidental damage to the wood.

2.      Enhances the Natural Look of the Wood

Since hardwax oil hydrates and protects the wood from inside, it enhances the wood's natural look and feel that you can enjoy for several years. To retain the natural lustre of your wooden floor, you can go for the application of maintenance oil.

3.      Durable Finish

Unlike a polymerized finish, when you use hard wax oil for your wooden floor, rest assured that your finish will not chip off, crack or peel. Your hard wax finish will indeed scratch or dent, but this brings us down to the next benefit of using hard wax oil.

4.      Easy Repair

With hard wax oil, repairs are super easy. When you have small damages on your floor or stains in a confined area, you can simply go for spot repairs, which are more economical and convenient than restoring the entire flooring. Similarly, dealing with larger stains is also hassle-free. You can go for spot sanding, and oiling and your floor will be as good as new.

5.      All Natural

Last but not least, hard wax oil is all-natural and is made from natural oils and wax. It is free from all preservatives and is also completely volatile organic compounds (VOC) free.

To find out more about how hardwax timber oil can enhance your wooden surfaces, visit our website now.