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3 Things That Can Cause Damage to Your Timber Flooring


Hardwood floors, such as timber floors, are known to have the most extended life. With proper care and maintenance, your timber floor can serve you for several decades. While regular maintenance is essential to enjoy your hardwood floor's perks, it is equally important to avoid certain activities that are likely to damage your floor. But how can you prevent them without knowing about them?

In this post, you will find out three things that can damage your timber floor. One of them will surely come to you as a surprise!

Excess Moisture

Wood cannot stand exposure to moisture and water because wood is susceptible to water. When wood is exposed to moisture and water, it seeps into the wood and can cause irreversible damage. Even mopping a wooden floor with more than just a damp mop can lead to damage.

Therefore, you must avoid the spilling of any liquids on the floor. If you have young children at home, keep a watch for any unnecessary amount of liquid spills on your wooden floor. In case there is exposure to water, make sure you wipe it off as soon as possible.


If you have young children and pets in the house, there is already so much going on around in the house. No wonder maintaining your wooden floor is the last thing on the list. But you should know that scratches can be detrimental to your timber floor. Pet nails and toys with wheels can cause irreversible damage to your timber floor.

Another potential source of scratches is heels, particularly the ones that are pointed. When you wear heels, your body weight is not evenly distributed, and this can leave dents on your wooden floor. And lastly, scratches can result when you move heavy furniture using furniture pads. While they are one of the best ways to prevent damage to your furniture, furniture pads are often not the right choice for your wooden floor.

Wrong Choice of Oil

This one will come to you as a surprise, but the type of oil you use for finish can significantly damage your timber floor. In fact, the wrong choice of oil can permanently discolour your wooden floor.

Preventing Damage

You can easily prevent this damage by choosing the right type of oil for finishing your timber floorings. If you are not sure which type of oil is most suitable for your timber floor, it is always best to contact a professional. They have the skills and training to identify your flooring needs best and cater to them accordingly.

To find out more about the best type of oil for your floor, contact now.