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Contractor Advice On Cleaning and Maintenance Of Wooden Floors


No Job is fully complete until the floor specialists provide their client with detailed floor maintenance regime and more importantly, discuss the recommendations with the client to ensure understanding.

Contractor Advice


1.      Discuss the maintenance regime

The flooring specialist should explain in detail how to care for timber flooring and ensure the client fully understands the importance of this advice, as not following proper care advice can result in damaging your newly finished timber flooring. The best flooring companies leave a complimentary product after finishing a job, and this is exactly how you will be treated at Eurostyle Floors, when you put your timber flooring in our experienced hands.

2.     Manufacturers might link their warranty to using a specific product

This is very important information that your flooring specialist needs to discuss with you. Some manufacturers might link their coating warranty to a use of a specific product (usually one of their own). It is the responsibility of the contractor to obtain and share this information and discuss accordingly.

3.      Be aware of any harmful ingredients

Your flooring specialist will be aware of any potentially harmful ingredients in floor cleaners. The strongest coating that is the least vulnerable to chemical attack are solvent-borne Polyurethanes. The most vulnerable are water-borne finishes, UV coatings and oils.

4.      What products to use

A survey found that the best cleaning solvents are those provided by the coating manufacturer. these tend to be mild detergents with no aggressive chemicals or additives. It is definitely worth investing in a good quality floor cleaner and conditioner.

5.      Down the road re-coating

Please note some cleaners may leave protective films on the surface that can lead to delamination potential on later re-coatings. The stripping and rinsing prior to any surface abrasion should be considered.