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It Is Important To Maintain Your Timber Decking


A timber deck is more than just a way to make your house look beautiful; it is also a place where you can sit back and spend time with your family and loved ones. Therefore, it is important to maintain and keep it in good shape. If your timber deck does not get the attention that it needs, the chances are that it will quickly rot. This blog will explain the importance of maintaining your timber decking.


The main reason for the maintenance of your deck is safety. Decks that are rotted and damaged can easily cause an injury. For example, if your deck has loose boards or nails coming out, someone can trip and fall. Or you could have a situation where a rotted deck railing breaks while someone is leaning against it. The worst of all scenarios would be having a loose deck that collapses when people are on it. This actually happens more often than you may think. Thus, to reduce the risk of injury, it is essential to maintain your timber decking.

Environmental Protection

Decks are exposed to all sorts of environmental changes and hazards, such as snow, rain, hail, or sunlight. The chances of deterioration increase if the deck is not maintained in such conditions. You can get your deck regularly inspected to identify what needs to be fixed. This will significantly reduce the chances of deterioration.

Loose Railings

Deck railings are there for everyone’s safety. Most deck railings are sturdy and can easily withstand someone leaning on them, but it does not mean that you can just push against them or sit on them. To check if your railing is sturdy enough, you can push it slightly. If the railing moves when pushed, it needs to be repaired instantly.

Rust on Fasteners

The fasteners can also deteriorate and get rusty if not maintained properly. If you notice any signs of rust on fasteners, screws, or bolts, this should be fixed immediately. 


Sometimes, your deck can have small cracks due to wear and tear. This is fine, and part and parcel of owning a deck, but if the cracks get bigger, it can become a problem. You must ensure that there are no cracks around the fasteners as it is a sign of weakened decks.

Muld and Mildew

Mould and mildew growth is extremely toxic for decks. It can quickly eat away the structure and weaken the deck. This problem should be addressed quickly.

Decks are a wonderful place to sit outside and relax. But as with any part of your home, decks also require regular maintenance. Please visit our website for more information or contact us here if you need any help with deck maintenance.